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Subject Re: -> CR/LF [OT mac chatter...]
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2001 18:40:50 GMT

> > Have you tried doing a cvs checkout from apache over ssh on OS X?
> Sure - works like a champ. I am on vacation with the iBook and doing
> Velocity work with it.  I have had no problems with any action.

Must be something on my side :(

> > bash (had to install this immediately)
> Yes, I am pining for that.  I assume you just grabbed sources and built?

Yep. Worked a charm. Was a bit painful to set it up for my user to use
bash by default. But eventually I got it sorted. Also takes a bit of pain
to get access to the root user.

> > JavaBrowser (comes with it. can be useful)
> Hm.  I need to find that.

Ah, comes with the developers CD which you don't get if you order direct
from Apple (what is with that?). A friend of mine burnt me a copy, I can
possibly get a .dmg file online for you.

> > OmniGraffle (very nice tiny diagram drawer. full version 110 usd)
> > Space (dock for virtual desktops)
> Really?  I have been really wishing for this.  Where can I find it?

Open up IE. Click on the OS X link. Bottom right hand corner talks about
programs. I think there's a tab for this section too. Anyway, tons of
stuff on there, look at the Dock section. 

> > SlashDock (shows MacSlash and Slashdot headlines)
> > 
> > Nothing else has seemed useful enough to fit augment my day to day
> > usage. A nice external wireless/optical logitech mouse is a nice to have.
> One thing I bought and found extremely worth it is a powersupply from
> Madsonline (  It is really small compared to
> that flying saucer thing, so it's great to travel with.

Definitely sounds interesting. Carrying that thing around is a pain.

Alternative browsers, Mozilla and Opera both fail to be as good as they
are on linux. Omniweb is a nice one. 30 dollars or so, but is very highly

You can also get a email address from apple for free, plus a
chunk of disk space. They've made this really easy for the consumer user,
so might be worth getting it setup. They call it iDisk and iTools.


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