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From Leon Messerschmidt <>
Subject Re: RE: Velocimacro Proposal mkII
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 14:35:46 GMT
> > wrong is in the Java code.  If you add #macro to templates you
> > add the ability to include libraries of #macro's and therefore another
> layer
> > of potential bugs.
> Sure.  To be precise, the #macro()'s are nothing more than template code,
> I don't quite see why they are worse than using #include.

What I'm wary of here is that people would start using #include to import
#macros.  #macro directives would then begin to be treated as black-box
implementations.  If a bug is detected you will need to debug both the
#included stuff and your java code.  I'm yet to think of a difficult to fix
#macro bug :-)  Maybe I'm just paranoid here...

~ Leon

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