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Subject svn commit: r1856693 - /velocity/engine/trunk/
Date Sun, 31 Mar 2019 19:54:28 GMT
Author: cbrisson
Date: Sun Mar 31 19:54:28 2019
New Revision: 1856693

[engine] Update mention 2.1, remove redundant upgrading infos


Modified: velocity/engine/trunk/
--- velocity/engine/trunk/ (original)
+++ velocity/engine/trunk/ Sun Mar 31 19:54:28 2019
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 # Apache Velocity
-Welcome to Apache Velocity 2.0! Apache Velocity is a general purpose
+Welcome to Apache Velocity Engine! Apache Velocity is a general purpose
 template engine written in Java. For more information about Velocity,
 please look at the HTML documentation on the Velocity web site:
@@ -16,129 +16,22 @@ Here's a description of the top level di
-Apache Velocity will run with any Java runtime engine v1.7 or greater.
+Apache Velocity 2.1 will run with any Java runtime engine v1.8 or greater.
-Building from source requires Java development kit v1.7 or greater and Maven 3 (3.0.5+).
+Building from source requires Java development kit v1.8 or greater and Maven 3 (3.0.5+).
 At compile time, Maven should fetch all needed dependencies, which are:
-* commons-lang v3.5
-* slf4j-api v1.7.25
+* commons-lang v3.8.1
+* slf4j-api v1.7.26
 plus the following ones, needed for the integrated tests:
-* slf4j-simple v1.7.25
+* slf4j-simple v1.7.26
 * junit v4.12
 * hsqldb v2.3.4
-* commons-io 2.5
+* commons-io 2.6
 At runtime, Velocity only needs:
-* commons-lang v3.5+
-* slf4j-api and an slf4j binding, v1.7.x
-Release with the same major number are intended to be drop-in
-replacements. However, in most cases the versions of dependency jars
-must be adjusted because newer versions of Velocity might require
-### Upgrading from Velocity 1.7.x to Velocity 2.0
-#### Behavior / API changes:
-* velocity is now using the SLF4J logging facade. Hence, all methods accepting
-or returning a logger now use the org.slf4j.Logger object. Velocity uses a
-logger name of org.apache.velocity (configurable with the
-configuration entry), and several other children loggers.
-* the internal Context API now enforces String keys everywhere, this may break
-custom Context implementations at compile-time.
-* invalid reference events are now more sparsely sent; they're not sent if any
-of the following conditions is met (the 1.x behavior did send invalid
-reference events in all those cases):
-  + the reference is a quiet reference
-  + the reference could be successfully evaluated but resulted in a null value
-  + the reference is tested for validity inside an #if / #elseif statement
-* all events do now receive the current Velocity Context as a first argument.
-The signatures of the MethodExceptionEventHandler,
-ReferenceInsertionEventHandler and IncludeEventHandler events have changed,
-and the ContextAware interface has been suppressed, as long as the
-NullSetEventHandler event which is obsolete.
-* The ResourceLoader class API has replaced InputStream getters by Reader
-getters: InputStream ResourceLoader.getResourceStream(String name) has been
-replaced by a Reader ResourceLoader.getResourceReader(String name, String
-* the default encoding ('ISO-8859-1' in 1.x) is now UTF-8.
-* the MethodException event handler now receives an additional argument
-providing template name and location infos.
-* Initialization methods in Velocity and VelocityEngine taking an
-ExtendedProperties have been removed (but setProperties(Properties) methods
-are still here). All occurrences of the
-org.apache.commons.collections.ExtendedProperties class in the runtime
-internal initialization API have been replaced by
-* the macros are now using a 'call by sharing' convention (which means that
-all arguments are evaluated once at start, and that the macro receives a
-copy of the reference to each argument).
-* the UberspectLoggable interface has been removed.
-#### VTL Changes:
-* the hypen ( - ) cannot be used in variable names anymore
-* method arguments can be arithmetic expressions
-* method arguments are now converted as needed between all main basic Java
-standard types (booleans, numbers and strings). If you want to revert to
-the 1.x behavior, set the property runtime.conversion.handler = none.
-* space gobbling (to control the indentation of generated code) is now
-configurable via the space.gobbing configuration key, which can take the
-following values: none, bc (aka. backward compatible), lines and structured.
-See the related documentation section for details. To maximize backward
-compatibility with 1.x, set it to bc.
-#### Dependencies changes:
-* Velocity now requires a JDK version of 1.7 or higher.
-* commons-collections and commons-logging aren't needed any more at runtime.
-* there's a new compile-time and runtime dependency, slf4j-api 1.7.12.
-* you'll need an SLF4J binding.
-* commons-lang has to be upgraded to 3.5.
-### Upgrading from Velocity 1.6.x to Velocity 1.7.x
-There are no changes in the dependencies since Velocity 1.6
-* Deprecated $velocityCount; please use $foreach.count or $foreach.index
-* Deprecated $velocityHasNext; please use $foreach.hasNext, $foreach.first or $foreach.last
-* Deprecated velocimacro.context.localscope setting; please get/set local #macro references
-as members of the provided $macro scope control instead. (e.g. #set( $ = 'bar' )
-and $ )
-* Deprecated directive.evaluate.context.class setting; please get/set local #evaluate
-references as members of the provided $evaluate scope control instead. (e.g. #set( $
= 'bar' ) and $ )
-* Deprecated #literal directive; please use #[[this syntax]]# instead.
-* Changed #stop to end template rendering rather than template parsing.
-* Removed obsolete Veltag (use VelocityViewTag in VelocityTools project)
-* Removed obsolete WebMacro conversion code.
-### Upgrading from Velocity 1.5.x to Velocity 1.6.x
-* Commons Collections has been upgraded to version 3.2.1.
-* Commons Lang has been upgraded to version 2.4.
-* Commons Logging 1.1 has been added.
-* Maven Ant 2.0.9 is required for the Maven Ant tasks.
-* Java CC 4.1 is recommended to compile the parser files.
-### Upgrading from Velocity 1.4.x or earlier to Velocity 1.5.x
-* JDOM has been upgraded to version 1.0.
-* Commons Collections has been upgraded to version 3.1.
-* Commons Lang 2.1 has been added.
-* Apache Ant 1.6 or better is required for rebuilding.
-* Java CC 3.2 is recommended to compile the parser files.
-* HSQLDB 1.7.1 is required for running unit tests.
+* commons-lang v3.8.1+
+* slf4j-api and an slf4j binding, v1.7.26+

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