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Subject svn commit: r1854948 - /velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/engine/devel/configuration-property-changes-in-2.1.mdtext
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2019 21:19:48 GMT
Author: cbrisson
Date: Wed Mar  6 21:19:48 2019
New Revision: 1854948

[site/engine] configuration key names refactoring proposal


Added: velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/engine/devel/configuration-property-changes-in-2.1.mdtext
--- velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/engine/devel/configuration-property-changes-in-2.1.mdtext
+++ velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/engine/devel/configuration-property-changes-in-2.1.mdtext
Wed Mar  6 21:19:48 2019
@@ -0,0 +1,58 @@
+# Configuration Changes in Velocity Engine 2.1
+## Configuration Property Name Changes
+Velocity configuration property names have been reviewed in Engine 2.1 for clarity and consistency.
+Old property names are still functional but have been deprecated and will be removed in Engine
3.0. Velocity will emit warnings in the logs when old property names are used.
+Property names changes:
+Old property name | New property name | Property purpose
+------------------|------------------ |-----------------
+resource.loader | resource.loaders | list of resource loader names
+<name>.resource.loader.<prop> | resource.loader.<name>.<prop>
| property of a named resource loader
+<name>.resource.loader.modificationCheckInterval | resource.loader.<name>.modification_check_interval
| modification check interval of a named resource loader
+resource.manager.defaultcache.size | resource.manager.cache.default_size | resource manager
default cache size
+resource.manager.logwhenfound | resource.manager.log_when_found | whether to log when a resource
is found
+<scope>.provide.scope.control | context.scope_control.<scope>
| enabling scope control object in the context for a specific scope
+runtime.log.invalid.references | runtime.log.log_invalid_references | whether to log invalid
+runtime.string.interning | runtime.string_interning | whether to use string interning
+directive.foreach.maxloops | directive.foreach.max_loops | maximum number of loops of a `#foreach`
+directive.foreach.skip.invalid | directive.foreach.skip_invalid | whether to skip bad iterables
+directive.if.emptycheck | directive.if.empty_check | whether the `#if` directive checks objects
for emptiness
+directive.include.output.errormsg.start | directive.include.output_error_start | error message
prefix for `#include` and `#parse`
+directive.include.output.errormsg.end | directive.include.output_error_end | error message
suffix for `#include` and `#parse`
+directive.define.max.depth | directive.define.max_depth | max depth for the `#define` directive
+userdirective (undocumented) | runtime.custom_directives | list of custom directives
+eventhandler.referenceinsertion.class | event_handler.reference_insertion.class | list of
reference insertion event handler classes
+eventhandler.methodexception.class | event_handler.method_exception.class | list of method
exception event handler classes
+eventhandler.include.class | event_handler.include.class | list of file inclusion event handler
+eventhandler.invalidreferences.class | event_handler.invalid_references.class | list of invalid
reference event handler classes
+velocimacro.library | velocimacro.library.path | path to the velocimacro library template
+velocimacro.permissions.allow.inline | velocimacro.inline.allow | whether to allow inline
velocimacros | velocimacro.inline.replace_global
| whether inline macros override global ones
+velocimacro.permissions.allow.inline.local.scope | velocimacro.inline.local_scope | whether
inline macros have a local scope
+velocimacro.max.depth | velocimacro.max_depth | velocimacros max calling depth
+velocimacro.body.reference | velocimacro.body_reference | name of the reference holding the
body passed to a block macro
+runtime.references.strict | runtime.strict_mode.enable | enables strict rendering mode
+runtime.references.strict.escape | runtime.strict_mode.escape | toggles modified escaping
in strict rendering mode
+runtime.introspector.uberspect | introspector.uberspect | list of chained uberspectors classnames
+runtime.conversion.handler.instance (since 2.0) | introspector.conversion_handler.class |
method arguments conversion handler classname
+runtime.interpolate.string.literals | runtime.interpolate_string_literals | whether to interpolate
string literals in double quotes
+runtime.strict.math | runtime.strict_math | switch for ignoring nulls in math equations vs
throwing exceptions
+context.autoreference.key | context.self_reference_key | key upon which a context should
be accessible within itself
+space.gobbling | parser.space_gobbling | space gobbling mode
+Also, the default velocimacro library template has been renamed from `VM_global_library.vm`
to `velocimacros.vtl` ; Velocity will check for the old default path if the new one is not
+## New Configuration Properties
+Velocity Engine 2.1 introduces the following new properties:
+- `velocimacro.arguments.preserve_literals`: 1.7.x backward compatibility flag: if true,
when a macro has to dispay an invalid argument, it displays the literal name of the reference
passed to the macro, not the literal name of the argument
+- `parser.allow_hyphen_in_identifiers`: 1.7.x backward compatibility flag: if true, allow
Velocity identifiers to contain an hyphen '`-`' in identifiers (a minus sign in a mathematical
expression will then sometimes need a space around it, as was needed in 1.7.x).
+- `runtime.log.log_invalid_method_calls`: whether to log invalid method calls
+- `introspector.conversion_handler.instance`: live instance of an `org.apache.velocity.util.introspection.TypeConversionHandler`
(or of a deprecated org.apache.velocity.util.introspection.ConversionHandler)

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