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Subject svn commit: r1842529 - in /velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/tools/3.0: ./ dependencies.mdtext frameworks.mdtext generic.mdtext index.mdtext upgrading.mdtext view.mdtext
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2018 17:43:17 GMT
Author: cbrisson
Date: Mon Oct  1 17:43:17 2018
New Revision: 1842529

[site/tools] Prepare tools 3.0 site

      - copied from r1842441, velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/tools/devel/
      - copied unchanged from r1842453, velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/tools/devel/dependencies.mdtext
      - copied unchanged from r1842455, velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/tools/devel/frameworks.mdtext
      - copied unchanged from r1842462, velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/tools/devel/generic.mdtext
      - copied, changed from r1842528, velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/tools/devel/index.mdtext
      - copied unchanged from r1842457, velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/tools/devel/upgrading.mdtext
      - copied unchanged from r1842462, velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/tools/devel/view.mdtext

Copied: velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/tools/3.0/index.mdtext (from r1842528, velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/tools/devel/index.mdtext)
--- velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/tools/devel/index.mdtext (original)
+++ velocity/site/cms/trunk/content/tools/3.0/index.mdtext Mon Oct  1 17:43:17 2018
@@ -28,16 +28,6 @@ Velocity Tools 3.0 new features:
 See the [Upgrading section](upgrading.html) for a complete list of changes.
-## Why 2.0?
-Those already familiar with VelocityTools 1.x may be curious about the goals and motivations
behind developing VelocityTools 2. In planning and developing the 2.0 release, there were
three main goals:
-+ Transparent, on-demand tool instantiation (aka lazy loading for tools) - This allows you
to have many tools available (even ones that are expensive to instantiate), but not waste
time instantiating or initializing/configuring those you don't use for every request.
-+ More accessible, reusable infrastructure - This allows easier access to tools outside of
your templates and provides better means to integrate VelocityTools support into other web
frameworks or even other view technologies (e.g. VelocityViewTag).
-+ Simpler, more flexible toolbox [configuration](configuration.html) - Now you can configure
via a [properties file](config-properties.html), [plain java](config-java.html), or really
whatever you want (though perhaps with a bit more work). No [XML](config-xml.html) required
anymore; though, if you do use it, it's now a lot better than it was.
-These things could not have been accomplished without rewriting most of the core infrastructure
and configuration code.  At the same time, we wanted to make it easy for people to upgrade
from the 1.x series.  This led to the decision to aim for complete backwards compatibility.
 Granted much has been deprecated and those who directly used or extended the 1.x infrastructure
will have to update their code in just a few releases, but for the time being they should
be able to use 2.0 in their applications with few problems. Those who merely used the old
toolbox.xml format or the old tools directly will be immediately able to take advantage of
the new infrastructure without even updating their configuration, though eventually even the
old toolbox.xml format may be retired.  Don't cry.  You'll like the [new one](config-xml.html)
better once you get to know it! It can do much more with much less typing.
 ## Subversion Repository
 All VelocityTools project code is maintained in the Subversion repository which can be reached
in a number of ways. The most direct method of accessing the repository is through a web browser,
but to effectively work on the code, a [Subversion client](
is required.

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