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Subject svn commit: r722513 - in /velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs: changes.xml frameworks.xml glossary.xml project.xml upgrading.xml view.xml
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 16:30:47 GMT
Author: nbubna
Date: Tue Dec  2 08:30:47 2008
New Revision: 722513

misc doc updates


Modified: velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml
--- velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml (original)
+++ velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/changes.xml Tue Dec  2 08:30:47 2008
@@ -38,7 +38,8 @@
         <li>Added DisplayTool, ConversionTool, ClassTool, LoopTool, FieldTool, a generic
version of LinkTool and more</li>
         <li>Refactored and enhanced a number of existing tools</li>
         <li>Improved documentation</li>
-        <li>Deprecated lots of outdated things</li>
+        <li>Deprecated many outdated things</li>
+        <li>Legacy support for almost all Tools 1.4 configurations and extensions</li>
         <li>... and lots more. :)</li>

Modified: velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/frameworks.xml
--- velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/frameworks.xml (original)
+++ velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/frameworks.xml Tue Dec  2 08:30:47 2008
@@ -89,10 +89,21 @@
                 If no file is found there, then
                 Velocity is initialized with the settings in the classpath at
-                </dd>
+              </dd>
+              <dt></dt>
+              <dd>Tells VelocityView whether or not it should
+                <ul>
+                    <li>support old tools that rely on init(Object) methods,</li>
+                    <li>look for and translate old toolbox.xml configurations, and</li>
+                    <li>use the deprecated ChainedContext class instead of ViewToolContext.</li>
+                </ul>
+                By default, this is true, so turn it to false if you want to fully
+                upgrade to the new systems.  Also, specific tools
+                may look for and respect the deprecationSupportMode
+                setting (e.g. ValueParser, ResourceTool) to provide old behavior
+                where it has otherwise changed.
+              </dd>
-            <todo>Describe what deprecationSupportMode provides for backwards
-            compatibility with Tools 1.x</todo>
             The VelocityView instance is typically the heart of any
             VelocityTools-using application.  It encapsulates all necessary

Modified: velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/project.xml
--- velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/project.xml (original)
+++ velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/project.xml Tue Dec  2 08:30:47 2008
@@ -59,10 +59,7 @@
             <item name="Standalone Use"            href="standalone.html"/>
             <item name="Web Framework Integration" href="frameworks.html"/>
             <item name="Creating Tools"            href="creatingtools.html"/>
-            <!--
-                TODO: link to glossary on main velocity site, once it is up there
-            -->
-            <item name="Glossary"                  href="glossary.html"/>
+            <item name="Glossary"                  href=""/>
         <group name="Development">

Modified: velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/upgrading.xml
--- velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/upgrading.xml (original)
+++ velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/upgrading.xml Tue Dec  2 08:30:47 2008
@@ -323,9 +323,6 @@
     <section name="Upgrading to 1.4">
-    <section name="Upgrading to 1.3">
-        <todo/>
-    </section>

Modified: velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/view.xml
--- velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/view.xml (original)
+++ velocity/tools/trunk/xdocs/view.xml Tue Dec  2 08:30:47 2008
@@ -193,37 +193,25 @@
-<!--  TODO: revise this...
     <section name="Known Issues">
           Since Tomcat 5.5 used commons-logging as a complete
-          logging facility, we were no longer able to direct commons-logging
-          output to the servlet log by default.  The result of this is that
-          our example apps can no longer contain a
-          on the classpath if we want them to work with all servlet engines.  
+          logging facility and the Struts example directs commons-logging
+          output to the servlet log via LogChuteCommonsLog, you will
+          get an infinite loop if you try to run the Struts example on
+          Tomcat 5.5.  To fix this, upgrade to Tomcat 6.x or delete
+          the file from the Struts example's
+          classpath root.
-          When using Tomcat 5.5, this means that log messages
-          from our tools and tool management code are by default sent to the Tomcat
-          console, rather than the servlet log.  Velocity Engine and
-          VelocityViewServlet messages will still be sent to the servlet
-          log by default. When using other servlet engines or earlier Tomcat versions
-          (e.g. Jetty or Tomcat 4.x), you must now add a
-          file at the root of the classpath that contains:
-          <code>
-          </code>
-          if you wish to have tool and tool management log output sent to the
-          servlet log.  If you are using Tomcat 5.5, do NOT do that, as it will
-          cause an infinite loop.
-        </p>
-        <p>
-          We plan to resolve this in future versions by removing commons-logging
-          from our code in favor of the much improved log wrappers in Velocity Engine 1.5.
-          In the meantime, commons-logging remains the most flexible solution.
+          You may, of course, experience the same thing if you are running
+          your web application on Tomcat 5.5 and decide to
+          use LogChuteCommonsLog for commons-logging and
+          stick with the ServletLogChute (the default) for Velocity(Tools)
+          logging. You will have to change one of these two settings or
+          else upgrade your servlet engine.

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