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Subject svn commit: r576692 - /velocity/docs/src/docbook/userguide/VelocityUsersGuide.xml
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 04:44:32 GMT
Author: wglass
Date: Mon Sep 17 21:44:31 2007
New Revision: 576692

updated docs for macros in accordance with VELOCITY-362


Modified: velocity/docs/src/docbook/userguide/VelocityUsersGuide.xml
--- velocity/docs/src/docbook/userguide/VelocityUsersGuide.xml (original)
+++ velocity/docs/src/docbook/userguide/VelocityUsersGuide.xml Mon Sep 17 21:44:31 2007
@@ -2480,18 +2480,10 @@
-              <para><emphasis>No</emphasis>. Currently, Velocimacros must
-              defined before they are first used in a template. This means
-              that your <literal>#macro</literal> declarations should come
-              before using the Velocimacros.</para>
-              <para>This is important to remember if you try to
-              <literal>#parse</literal> a template containing inline
-              <literal>#macro</literal> directives. Because the
-              <literal>#parse</literal> happens at runtime, and the parser
-              decides if a Velocimacro-looking element in the template is a
-              Velocimacro at parsetime, parseing a set of Velocimacro
-              declarations won't work as expected. To get around this, simply
+              <para><emphasis>Yes</emphasis>. Velocimacros may be defined
in a file that
+              is loaded into a template with <literal>#macro</literal>.  This
is especially
+              helpful if you wish to have a library of macros used by multiple templates.
+              As an alternative you may also 
               use the <literal>velocimacro.library</literal> facility to have
               Velocity load your Velocimacros at startup.</para>

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