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Subject svn commit: r500839 - /velocity/engine/branches/Velocity_1.5_BRANCH/CONTRIBUTORS
Date Sun, 28 Jan 2007 17:03:53 GMT
Author: henning
Date: Sun Jan 28 09:03:53 2007
New Revision: 500839

Add claude, reformat text.


Modified: velocity/engine/branches/Velocity_1.5_BRANCH/CONTRIBUTORS
--- velocity/engine/branches/Velocity_1.5_BRANCH/CONTRIBUTORS (original)
+++ velocity/engine/branches/Velocity_1.5_BRANCH/CONTRIBUTORS Sun Jan 28 09:03:53 2007
@@ -1,33 +1,36 @@
 This project is an effort by many people. If you feel that your name
 should be in here and has been omitted in error, please open an issue
-with the Velocity Issue tracker at
+with the Apache Velocity Issue tracker located at
 Aki Nieminen
 Alexey Pachenko
 Anil K. Vijendran
 Attila Szegedi
 Bob McWhirter
-Christoph Reck	
+Christoph Reck
+Claude Brisson
 Daniel Rall
 Dave Bryson
-David Kinnvall	
+David Kinnvall
 Eelco Hillenius
 Fedor Karpelevitch
 Gal Shachor
 Geir Magnusson Jr.
 Henning P. Schmiedehausen
 Jason van Zyl
-Jeff Bowden	
+Jeff Bowden
 Jon S. Stevens
 Jose Alberto Fernandez
-Kasper Nielsen	
+Kasper Nielsen
 Kent Johnson
 Kyle F. Downey
 Leon Messerschmidt
 Llewellyn Falco
 Matt Raible
 Matthijs Lambooy
-Nathan Bubna	
+Nathan Bubna
 Paulo Gaspar
 Peter Romianowski
 Robert Burrell Donkin

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