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From Evelio Quiros <>
Subject Capturing an unpatched Windows XP image
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 18:44:11 GMT
Sorry, used the wrong subject line before:

>Hello group,
>I may have mentioned this before, so bear with me.
>I would like to deploy an unpatched Windows XP OS for a hacking class.
>This is used as a target to launch several well-known exploits by
>The problem is when I try to configure Cygwin, I get a failure in setting
>the Windows Firewall.
>That is because there is no Windows Firewall in this early version of XP.
>Is there a known fix for this ? Can I 'safely' (relatively) comment out
>the sections of the config file that deal with the Firewall ?
>I know this is an unsafe system, but that's the point. We need this to
>show students the importance of updating their OS and protecting
>themselves from attack.
>Any idea how I can capture this unpatched image ?
>Al Quiros
>Florida International University

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