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From Evelio Quiros <>
Subject Re: Shibboleth user group creation and managment - Solved
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2012 12:37:04 GMT

Hello Josh,

Yes, that was the problem.
I updated index.php in the shibauth directory, and mapped the affiliation
attributes to the database.
Now it works again. Thanks for your help.

Al Quiros
Florida International University

On 8/1/12 4:36 PM, "Josh Thompson" <> wrote:

>Hash: SHA1
>There were not many changes to the code related to Shibboleth. It sounds
>Shibboleth may not be passing the correct affiliation information for the
>student user to the VCL web code.  You can create a file in vcl/shibauth
>shibdata.php with the following in it to see what is getting passed to
>the VCL 
>code by Shibboleth:
>print "<pre>";
>print "</pre>";
>Then, open with the
>problematic user logged in to see if anything is set for [affiliation].
>you do not, or the field is just an empty string, then VCL is not getting
>data from Shibboleth.
>On Wednesday, August 01, 2012 5:06:34 PM Evelio Quiros wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> We just upgraded our 2.2.1 installation to 2.3.
>> Before update, students were able to login and be put into a
>> "shib-student" group.
>> VCL would have created the group on first login.
>> But after the upgrade, students can still login, but the VCL did not
>> create the shib-student group.
>> I added the group manually to the database as a federated group, but
>> student logins are not being put into it.
>> Staff can login using Shibboleth, and they are put into the shib-staff
>> group ok.
>> Did something change in the way VCL handles Shibboleth with the new
>> version ?
>> Did I forget to copy over a config from the old site ?
>> Thanks,
>> Al Q
>> FIU
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