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From Dmitri Chebotarov <>
Subject Re: Additional VM Networks in Virtual Host profile
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2012 14:29:16 GMT

I would like to share a method of adding custom networks per a VCL image. 
This solution is based on the code already present in VCL. 

This solution is not end-user/student oriented. There is no option to specify networks during
Network(s) and VM hosts needs to be preconfigured before custom networks can be used. 
Switch Local VLAN IDs can be used to create isolated networks for VCL. 
Global VLAN IDs can be used to give VCL reservations access to different networks. 

Isolated network use example would be a security class where malicious traffic needs to be
generated and analyzed. Running such class on public/private VCL network is not desirable,
so an isolated VCL network can be used in this case. In case with isolated networks a DHCP
server needs to be present to provide IP addresses on isolated networks. The DHCP server can
be part of VCL infrastructure or be a very-long-term server reservation (the new feature in
VCL 2.3). 

Global use example would be a VCL reservation which needs access to a department network or
lab environment. It allows to connect VCL reservations to existing infrastructure. 

It's different from CS/OS implementation as it doesn't give any control over networking to
end-user, hence no security concerns about VCL end-users getting unwanted access to a custom
Since custom network(s) is part of the image properties, only groups/users who allowed to
make reservation based on the image will have access to specified networks. 

Below is PDF file with code changes. I've tested it in sandbox env and it seems to be working

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