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From Josh Thompson <>
Subject Re: Shib docs?
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2012 14:44:32 GMT

Great write-up!  You can go ahead and add it to the documentation
section of the new CMS.  I'd say to put a link to it off of the
Installation page.  Here are the steps to create the page:

-add the CMS bookmarklet to your browser - see
-go to
-click the bookmarklet to start editing
-log in with your subversion userid/password
-scroll down to the docs/ directory and click on it
-click [Edit this directory] at the top of the page
-in the 'Add New File or Directory' text box, enter something like
shibauth.mdtext and hit Enter
-create the page content (the markdown takes some getting used to)
-hit Submit at the bottom (actually, a good idea to hit this
occasionally and then start editing again to save your progress -
changes are only saved in your copy of the cms at this point)
-after submitting it, if you click [Browse] - you'll see a generically
styled version of your page.  It doesn't include our css styling.
-when you are finished, you can click [Commit] to commit it to the
staged section
-you can view the staged version of your page by clicking the [Staged]
link when browsing the docs directory
-you'll need to edit the installation.mdtext page to add a link to your
new page and commit that change
-finally, when everything looks right, you can publish the site to make
the page displayed at


On 08/16/12 21:08, Aaron Coburn wrote:
> Michael, That page you mention is generally correct, but it is very
> incomplete. Rather than responding over email, I wrote an article on
> shibbolizing the VCL here:
> This page assumes you are using version 2.3 of the VCL. Eventually,
> this will make it into the site documentation. In the meantime, if
> any of you on this list have other tips to add, please let me know
> and I will add them to the web page. Also, if there are errors in the
> instructions, please do let me know.
> In addition to what I wrote, there are many, many more things you can
> do to configure Shibboleth (without modifying the VCL code).
> Best regards, Aaron
> -- Aaron Coburn Systems Administrator and Programmer Academic
> Technology Services, Amherst College 
> On Aug 16, 2012, at 6:09 PM, Michael Jinks wrote:
> I need to Shibbolize my VCL installation, and I know I've seen docs 
> describing how, but I can't find them now.  The top (and pretty much 
> only) Google hit is:
>  ...but I know anything under "VCLDOCS" is out of date.
> Better link?
> -- Michael Jinks ::<>
> :: 773-469-9688 University of Chicago IT Services

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