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From João Correia <>
Subject Javascript event help!
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2019 06:57:08 GMT
Hi Unomiers,

Discovered Unomi yesterday and got it set up today!. Works nicely on
pageviews but I would like to fire a identify or event to identify the

I'm having trouble sending events using the JS tracker. This is how I'm
trying sending an event:

properties =
            "scope": "example",
                "itemType": "site",
                "itemId": "mysite"
            "properties" : {
              "firstName" : "John",
              "lastName" : "Doe",
              "email" : ""

window.unomiTracker.track("MyEvent", properties);

I look at the network tab and Im also on unomi:event-tail and nothing comes
through. Also tried identify it goes into local storage but doesn't get

  nickname: 'Amazing Grace',
  favoriteCompiler: 'A-0',
  industry: 'Computer Science'

Does anyone have any examples of how to fire an event using the Javascript

Joao Correia


*João Correia*

San Diego, CA
mobile: +1 (858) 284-6010

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