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From Serge Huber <>
Subject Re: CDP best practices
Date Sun, 08 Sep 2019 06:22:22 GMT
Hello Jeroen,

Thanks for the kind words about the project, they are highly appreciated.
Sorry I couldn't answer earlier I've been very busy with the preparations
for ApacheCon next week.

Unomi has a "open" schema in terms of profiles and other objects. For
example you can define profile properties and register them if you need to
keep track of them but you could also set any property directly in the
profile even without such a registration (registration is mostly useful
when building UIs to query the list of available properties and metadata
such as their type, etc...). For example, in my company's product based on
Unomi (Jahia Marketing Factory), we can even define new properties using a
UI. All that UI does is then call Unomi's REST API to register the

One thing you should be aware of: because of ElasticSearch restrictions,
you cannot (currently) change the type of a property, so while developing
you might have to reset your ElasticSearch data until you have the proper

Apart from what we've done at my company I'm not aware of any other
resources on this topic, but I'd love to know more about what you're trying
to achieve so that I could answer your questions.

Best regards,

On Fri, Sep 6, 2019 at 3:51 PM Jeroen van der Wal <>

> Dear Unomians,
> Thank you for sharing this nice piece of software with the world. We are
> currently working with a retail customer where Unomi would be a perfect
> candidate as the customer profiling engine.
> Reading through the documentation and the Oasis CDP spec gives us a good
> overview of how we can put the Unomi to work. The biggest challenge we face
> right now is building a good catalog of topics and profile attributes. Is
> there any reference material on this subject? Maybe some sample
> implementations? We would like to prevent re-inventing the wheel ;-)
> Many thanks,
> Jeroen van der Wal
> Incode Amsterdam
> +31 655874050

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