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From Michael Ghen <>
Subject Re: Apache Unomi - v1.4.0 announcement draft
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2019 21:45:02 GMT
Hi Elie,

This sounds good and I like the note in there about Docker. I think we
should confirm that the Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml work with Unomi
1.4.0 artifact, this will have to be updated in Dockerfile:

I tried to build and deploy with docker-compose using the 1.4.0 artifact a
few weeks ago but got an error and put it down. I will take a look more at
it tonight or this week but if anyone has the time and expertise with
Docker to just try and build a 1.4.0 image and use it in the
docker-compose, that would be helpful just to confirm it works. I think it
would be best to have it available and I'm sure its something that can be
handled without much lifting.

I'll see what I can do and put an email to the developer mailing list if I
have an issue, I think my problem was something with elasticsearch in the
docker compose, I don't think it was a problem with Unomi. I think its more
than just replacing 1.3.0 with 1.4.0 though.

Very respectfully,


On Fri, Jul 5, 2019 at 12:01 PM Elie Auvray <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> Thanks to a massive amount of work, the 1.4 is out (yeah!) but not
> announced yet.
> I worked on the release announcement in the following google doc (comments
> are activated):
> Let me know what you are thinking about it and let’s publish it, let’s
> say, end of next week if everybody agree.
> Just in case, find below the text of the announcement.
> Thanks for your help !
> Elie
> Subject : [ANNOUNCE] Apache Unomi 1.4.0 Release
> Body:
> The Apache Unomi team is proud to announce the release of Apache Unomi
> 1.4.0.
> Apache Unomi™ is a Java Open Source customer data platform, a Java server
> designed to manage customers, leads and visitors data and help personalize
> customer experiences while also offering features to respect visitor
> privacy rules (such as GDPR). The project became an Apache top level
> project in March, 2019.
> More details regarding Apache Unomi can be found here:
> The Apache Unomi team worked hard on this 1.4.0 release (first out of
> incubation!) and would like to highlight the following updates besides a
> lot of bug fixes, improvements and documentation:
>    - Container/Cloud deployments
>    - Unified Apache Unomi configuration file that reads from environment
>       variables for Docker deployment compatibility
>       - Dockerfile and Docker Compose project files have been added,
>       official Apache Unomi Docker image will be released soon
>       - IP ranges and CIDR for IP address of privileged event sources
>       (login, update profile) are now supported
>       - Event, rules, profiles management and tools
>    - New Karaf Shell Commands to view events, sessions and profiles and
>       more...
>       - Endpoint to search in events has been added
>       - Improve tooling for analyzing rule executions using Karaf Shell
>       Commands
>       - New patch system to improve modifying default definitions (rules,
>       segments, …)
>       - Data collection
>    - Analytics.js integration, providing an out-of-the-box ready-to-use
>       web tracker
> Release notes are here:
> version=12338361
> The release artifacts can be downloaded here:
> All JIRAs completed for this release are tagged with 'FixVersion =
> 1.4.0'; the JIRA release notes can be found here:
> We would love to hear from you: join the Apache Unomi momentum
>    - Apache Unomi slack channel:
> Thanks!
> The Apache Unomi Team

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