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From Michael Ghen <>
Subject Centralizing Customer Data in Unomi
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2018 13:53:51 GMT

I have been exploring Unomi for a few weeks now and think it could help us
centralize our customer data. I have a question about what the best way to
map our customer data model to Unomi. I understand its elasticsearch on the
backend which isn't a system I have a lot of experience, so I'm hoping for
some recommendations.

The information we have about our customers includes their household
composition. For example, a customer is a 65 y/o male living with their
wife, we have all the personal information for both people in the
household. Another example is a 45 y/o female living with three children,
we have all their information as well.  We provide services to all the
people in the household but there is always a "primary member" identified.

My question is, how would these customers be modeled in Unomi? I just
wondering what the best way to store the full households information would
be given how Unomi works. We want to have actions and rules based on
household attributes like "number of children" or "number of people over
65." When we perform actions, we need the name and birthdate of all the
people in the household.

Right now, we do all of this in Ruby on Rails and use a MySQL database.



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