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From Serge Huber <>
Subject Unomi incubator report february 2019
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2019 19:49:45 GMT

As it seems with the Podling Name search process the graduation is
taking a little longer than expected I have prepared a report for
February 2019. I'm sure it's not perfect so please don't hesitate to

Thanks & Regards,

Apache Unomi February 2019 Report


Unomi is a reference implementation of the OASIS Context Server specification
currently being worked on by the OASIS Context Server Technical Committee. It
provides a high-performance user profile and event tracking server.

Unomi has been incubating since 2015-10-05.

Three most important issues to address in the move towards graduation:

  1. Conclude IPMC graduation vote
  2. Complete Podling Name Search
  3. Submit graduation to Apache Board once the IPMC vote and PNS are completed.

Any issues that the Incubator PMC (IPMC) or ASF Board wish/need to be
aware of?


How has the community developed since the last report?

We are seeing more activity on the relatively new user mailing list
and continuing to support existing community members finalize some
large projects.

How has the project developed since the last report?

We have now started the graduation process and hope to complete it in
the next month.

How would you assess the podling's maturity?
Please feel free to add your own commentary.

  [ ] Initial setup
  [ ] Working towards first release
  [ ] Community building
  [X ] Nearing graduation
  [ ] Other:

Date of last release:


When were the last committers or PPMC members elected?


Have your mentors been helpful and responsive or are things falling
through the cracks? In the latter case, please list any open issues
that need to be addressed.

Our mentor is very helpful and responsive and is doing his best to
assist the project when asked. He is alone but the project has now
matured and is less dependent on mentors as it is in the graduation


  [ ](unomi) Jean-Baptiste Onofre

IPMC/Shepherd notes:

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