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From Mandy Neumann <mandy.neum...@th-koeln.de>
Subject Issues with Ruta workbench (Permission Denied and wrong output view)
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2019 10:44:55 GMT
Hi all,

I'm just starting to get familiar with UIMA Ruta and the workbench, and 
I'm having some strange issues.

I got a project from a co-worker who already prepared some scripts for 
me to extend. The project has .html files in the input folder, and he 
already provided a Ruta script to convert HTML markup into annotations. 
The script is adapted from the Ruta manual:

> ENGINE utils.HtmlAnnotator;
> ENGINE utils.HtmlConverter;
> ENGINE HtmlViewWriter;
> TYPESYSTEM utils.HtmlTypeSystem;
> TYPESYSTEM utils.SourceDocumentInformation;
> Document{->CONFIGURE(HtmlAnnotator, "onlyContent"=true), 
> EXEC(HtmlAnnotator, {TAG})};
> Document { -> CONFIGURE(HtmlConverter, "inputView" = "_InitialView",
>     "outputView" = "plain", "expandOffsets"=false, 
> "replaceLinebreaks"=true, "skipWhitespacs"=true, 
> "linebreakReplacement"=" ", "processAll"=true),
>       EXEC(HtmlConverter)};
> Document{ -> CONFIGURE(HtmlViewWriter, "inputView" = "plain",
>     "outputView" = "_InitialView", "output" = "../converted"),
>     EXEC(HtmlViewWriter)};

On my machine and with my settings, when I run this script, my console 
get spammed with 
org.apache.uima.analysis_engine.AnalysisEngineProcessExceptions caused 
by java.io.FileNotFoundException
  with the message "../converted (Permission denied)". I checked the 
file permissions on this directory which were 775 - I even chmodded to 
777 but still the same issue.

In spite of all these exceptions, the output still gets generated, 
though. I would be fine with it if there weren't another issue - 
although the script should write the annotations into _InitialView, I 
need to change the view to "plain" in the editor to get plain text with 
HTML annotations. The _InitialView still shows the html markup.

I think both issues are related. Any ideas?



System Info: eclipse Oxygen.3a Release (4.7.3a), UIMA Ruta workbench 
2.6.1, OS Kubuntu 18.04

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