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From Hugues de Mazancourt <hug...@mazancourt.com>
Subject Re: Lost in UIMA Ruta Workbench !
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2018 15:56:57 GMT

The point is that the MARK action simply creates an annotation without any features. Reading
your code, it seems that you expect the matched value to be held in the « value » feature.
This is not the case.
You can access to the text that is covered by an annotation through the pseudo-feature «
.ct » (as coveredText).
Thus I guess the following rule should do what you want (not tested) :

Document{-> CREATE(INTENT, "value" = "Apply_for_Card")}<-{e:ENTITY{e.ct=="card"} # a:ACTIONS{a.ct=="application"};}*

But I guess that you will want to capture variations, such as plurals (card/cards) or even
derivation (apply/application).
Then you should have a look at MARKTABLE action, which will take as a resource a CSV file
with the text to be matched in the input document and as many features as you want to be created
on the annotation. Thus you could describe dictionary entries with your variations, all of
them mapping to a normalized value.

Keep trying, Ruta is a little bit tricky at start, but it’s worth the effort.

Best regards, 

Hugues de Mazancourt
twitter: @mazancourt

> Le 23 févr. 2018 à 17:30, Anna Polychroniou <annapolychroniou@gmail.com> a écrit
> Hello,
> I am trying to complete an exercise in NLU using UIMA Ruta.
> I have hit a wall for the last 3 days.
> I would be grateful if you could give a hint on my issue:
> I want to create 2 annotations ENTITY and ACTIONS for a list of sentences.
> I define a list of words for each one.
> Then I want to create a third annotation (INTENT) based on the first 2.
> Different values of ENTITY and ACTIONS must combine the 10 different values
> of INTENT annotation.
> I 've stuck on the final step where I have to create the combined
> annotation (with bold).
> Could you please help?
> I attach my work below.
> PACKAGE uima.ruta.exercise;
> WORDLIST EntityList = "Entities.txt";
> WORDLIST ActionList = "Actions.txt";
> DECLARE Annotation ENTITY(STRING value);
> DECLARE Annotation ACTIONS(STRING value);
> Document{-> RETAINTYPE(BREAK)};
> DECLARE Sentence;
> BREAK #{->MARK (Sentence)} BREAK;
> DECLARE Annotation INTENT(STRING value);
> BLOCK(ForEach) Sentence{} {
> Document{-> MARKFAST(ENTITY, EntityList)};
> Document{-> MARKFAST(ACTIONS, ActionList)};
> *Document{-> CREATE(INTENT, "value" =
> "Apply_for_Card")}<-{e:ENTITY{e.value=="card"} #
> a:ACTIONS{a.value=="application"};}*
> *;}*
> Thank you,
> Anna

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