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From Hugues de Mazancourt <hug...@mazancourt.com>
Subject Re: UIMA Ruta on an ARM Linux Machine
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2017 18:14:53 GMT
I see.
A good way to achieve this is to use the ruta-maven-plugin (which requires that you use maven
for your project...). An introduction is given in the Ruta reference guide, here : https://uima.apache.org/d/ruta-current/tools.ruta.book.html#ugr.tools.ruta.maven
Then integrate the jcasgen-maven-plugin (see https://uima.apache.org/d/uimaj-2.6.0/tools.html#ugr.tools.jcasgen.maven_plugin)

The ruta-maven-plugin will create the typesystems for all DECLAREd types in your scripts (it
can also compile txt resources into twl).
jcasgen-maven-plugin will generate Java classes for all types found in the typesystems (including
those built by ruta-maven-plugin). You don’t need it if you don’t want to manipulate annotation
as classes from within your Java app.

I also use UimaFit to integrate the Ruta engine to my Java sources.

You can then do something like this to get your XMI files (not tested):

JCas jCas = JCasFactory.createJCas();
jCas.setDocumentText(« this is a text to be parsed »);
	AnalysisEngineFactory.createEngineDescription(RutaEngine.class, RutaEngine.PARAM_MAIN_SCRIPT,
« my.main.script »),
	AnalysisEngineFactory.createEngine(XMIWriter.class, XMIWriter.PARAM_OUTPUT, « /path/to/xmi/«

Hope this helps,

— Hugues

Hugues de Mazancourt
twitter: @mazancourt

> Le 29 oct. 2017 à 15:32, Nikolas Nisidis <nikolas.nisidis@fsfe.org> a écrit :
> Hi Hugues,
> So, maybe my question is the following: how can I compile UIMA and Ruta for a project
without Eclipse? Will it be easier if I already have generated the descriptors from the scripts
on Eclipse?
> I assume that there is an answer to my question on https://uima.apache.org/d/ruta-current/tools.ruta.book.html#ugr.tools.ruta.howtos
but I'd like to know if I can have further guidance on that.
> Thanks for the prompt response anyway.
> On 10/29/17 15:59, Hugues de Mazancourt wrote:
>> Hi Nikolas,
>> Ruta rules (and rule development) are not tied to Eclipse. Eclipse provides a very
convenient tool for developing Ruta scripts through Ruta Workbench, but Ruta Workbench is
not necessary for this. You can even use your favorite text editor for writing the rules.
All you need is a JDK for the architecture you target, then compile UIMA and Ruta for that
>> As Ruta rules are (sort of) interpreted, it doesn’t matter if the your development
environment is not the same as the runtime environment. Thus a convenient way to develop in
Ruta would be to develop and test using Eclipes’ Ruta Workbench, and then run them on the
ARM machine.
>> Best,
>> Hugues de Mazancourt
>> http://www.mazancourt.com
>> twitter: @mazancourt
>>> Le 29 oct. 2017 à 14:09, Nikolas Nisidis <nikolas.nisidis@fsfe.org> a
écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>> As the title suggests, my question is the following: is it possible and if so,
how can I develop a UIMA Ruta project on an ARM machine? To my knowledge, there is no Eclipse
version for ARM (or is there?). How should I proceed?
>>> Is there a way to run at least an already written RUTA script on a text and get
the corresponding .xmi file as output?
>>> Relevant Info:
>>> $ uname -a
>>> Linux libre 3.14.0-26-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Jul 2 04:08:36 UTC 2017 armv7l

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