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From Sumit Madan <sumit.ma...@scai.fraunhofer.de>
Subject Re: UIMA Ruta use of features in a block statement
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2017 08:31:45 GMT
Am 13.07.2017 um 09:32 schrieb Peter Klügl:
> Hi,
Hi Peter,

> Am 12.07.2017 um 18:35 schrieb Sumit Madan:
>> The applied rules:
>> ###
>> BLOCK(forEACH) Lemma{}{
>>        Lemma{->MATCHEDTEXT(s), ASSIGN(a,contains(s,"er"))};
>>        Lemma{a ->Value1};
>> }
>> ###
> I'll take a look. Could take a few days until I get back to you.

No hurry as it is not urgent.

>> Another small issue: DebugRuleApply.element doesn't always match with
>> the original rules. For example, for the second rule, it contains the
>> value "Lemma{-&gt;MATCHEDTEXT(s, ),ASSIGN(a, contains(s))};", which is
>> not identical to the user input.
> Yes, unfortunately I did not really take care of it since it is only
> debug info. I assume you are referring to the comma? I'll fix that. Let
> me know if you observe more.

Yes, the comma, and also the contains() method is missing the second 
string parameter.

I've one more issue: The loading of extensions is not working if I run 
Ruta under Groovy (2.4.7) (and with Java 1.7 or 1.8 source and target 
compatibility). But I haven't looked deep into it. I'll provide you more 
information as soon as I have it. (The runnable test I created was first 
developed with Groovy.)

> Best,
> Peter

Mit freundlichem Gruß / Best regards

Sumit Madan, M.Sc.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter / Research fellow

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Department of Bioinformatics
Schloss Birlinghoven
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