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From "Reza Hay"<reza...@gmail.com>
Subject How to interpret Ruta Block?
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2017 14:36:57 GMT
Hi Peter,

I have the following Ruta (2.6.0) code:
(DEP_ROOT & VERB) {->MARK(BioObject), governor = DEP_ROOT.Governor.ct};
BLOCK(ForEach) Dependency{Dependency.Governor.ct == governor} {
    Document{-> LOG("Dep-Type: " + Dependency.DependencyType)};
    NSUBJ{->LOG("NSUBJ-Text: " + NSUBJ.ct)};

The input ("The fusion protein either directly activates or represses EWS-FLI1-bound distal
elements.") is:
<dependency:DET xmi:id="903" sofa="12" begin="0" end="3" Governor="48" Dependent="24" DependencyType="det"
    <dependency:NN xmi:id="911" sofa="12" begin="4" end="10" Governor="48" Dependent="36"
DependencyType="nn" flavor="basic"/>
    <dependency:NSUBJ xmi:id="919" sofa="12" begin="11" end="18" Governor="84" Dependent="48"
DependencyType="nsubj" flavor="basic"/>
    <dependency:NSUBJ xmi:id="927" sofa="12" begin="11" end="18" Governor="108" Dependent="48"
DependencyType="nsubj" flavor="basic"/>
    <dependency:DEP xmi:id="935" sofa="12" begin="19" end="25" Governor="72" Dependent="60"
DependencyType="dep" flavor="basic"/>
    <dependency:ADVMOD xmi:id="943" sofa="12" begin="26" end="34" Governor="84" Dependent="72"
DependencyType="advmod" flavor="basic"/>
    <dependency:ROOT xmi:id="951" sofa="12" begin="35" end="44" Governor="84" Dependent="84"
DependencyType="root" flavor="basic"/>
    <dependency:CONJ xmi:id="959" sofa="12" begin="48" end="57" Governor="84" Dependent="108"
DependencyType="conj_or" flavor="basic"/>
    <dependency:AMOD xmi:id="967" sofa="12" begin="58" end="72" Governor="132" Dependent="120"
DependencyType="amod" flavor="basic"/>
    <dependency:AMOD xmi:id="975" sofa="12" begin="73" end="79" Governor="156" Dependent="132"
DependencyType="amod" flavor="basic"/>
    <dependency:AMOD xmi:id="983" sofa="12" begin="80" end="90" Governor="156" Dependent="144"
DependencyType="amod" flavor="basic"/>
    <dependency:DOBJ xmi:id="991" sofa="12" begin="91" end="99" Governor="84" Dependent="156"
DependencyType="dobj" flavor="basic"/>

and the output of the Ruta code:
Dep-Type: nsubj
NSUBJ-Text: protein
NSUBJ-Text: protein
Dep-Type: advmod
Dep-Type: root
Dep-Type: conj_or
Dep-Type: dob

My expectation was (without any match with the second NSUBJ):
Dep-Type: nsubj
NSUBJ-Text: protein
Dep-Type: advmod
Dep-Type: root
Dep-Type: conj_or
Dep-Type: dob

I know there are two NSUBJ annotations but the Governor ("represses ") of the second NSUBJ
is different than the Block condition ("activates "). My interpretation was that the Block
condition (Dependency.Governor.ct == governor) doesn't allow for matching with the second
NSUBJ. Why am I surprised?

Best Regards,

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