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From Richard Eckart de Castilho <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: uimaFIT auto-detection of types
Date Fri, 11 Dec 2015 19:32:38 GMT
Hi Matt,

if the shade plugin reports that it include the required JAR, then maybe the transformers
in the shade plugin are not set up correctly. Mind that the XML snippet here [1] cannot be
copied as-is, but it is necessary to strip the "\" and join the lines. The "\" are just used
as line continuation markers because in the PDF version of the document, the example would
otherwise be too wide.

You can double-check if the transformers worked right by extracting the JAR file and inspecting
the types.txt file.


-- Richard

[1] https://uima.apache.org/d/uimafit-current/tools.uimafit.book.html#ugr.tools.uimafit.packaging

> On 11.12.2015, at 15:24, Matthew DeAngelis <ronin78@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks very much, Richard. Placing the META-INF folder in the source
> directory did allow me to auto-detect within Eclipse. I have also converted
> my project to Maven as per your suggestion, since I am trying to use Maven
> Shade to build a jar file.
> If you have some additional time, I would appreciate some assistance with
> that process as well. With auto-detection and with the CollectionReader
> specified, my code is now:
> CollectionReaderDescription cr =
> createReaderDescription(StringReader.class, StringReader.PARAM_LANGUAGE,
> "en", StringReader.PARAM_DOCUMENT_ID, name,
> StringReader.PARAM_DOCUMENT_TEXT, content);
> AnalysisEngineDescription djread = AnalysisEngineFactory.
> createEngineDescription(DJNMultiplier.class);
> SimplePipeline.runPipeline(cr,djread);
> Thanks to your help, this compiles and runs fine within Eclipse. With the
> Maven Shade plugin installed and pointed at the above class, I can also
> successfully build a jar file. However, when I run the jar file from the
> command line (in Windows), I get the error
> "org.apache.uima.cas.CASRuntimeException: JCas type
> "de.tudarmstadt.ukp.dkpro.core.api.metadata.type.DocumentMetaData" used in
> Java code, but was not declared in the XML type descriptor" originating in
> the StringReader above. The Shade logging, however, indicates that:
> [INFO] Including
> de.tudarmstadt.ukp.dkpro.core:de.tudarmstadt.ukp.dkpro.core.api.metadata-asl:jar:1.7.0
> in the shaded jar.
> which is, I believe, where this type is stored. What else do I need to
> configure to have Shade package all required descriptors?
> Regards,
> Matt
> On Fri, Dec 11, 2015 at 5:37 AM, Richard Eckart de Castilho <rec@apache.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi Matt,
>> I would recommend you set your project up as a Maven project. Eclipse
>> has a great Maven support. You later mention that you want to use the
>> Maven Shade plugin anyway.
>> If you do not want to set up your project with Maven, please make sure
>> that the META-INF and desc folders are contained inside a source folder.
>> If you just have them in the project root, they won't end up in the
>> classpath at runtime.
>> if you do switch to Maven, make sure that "META-INF" and "desc" are
>> situated
>> under "src/main/resources", otherwise Maven will not put them into the JAR.
>> That said, I'm a bit puzzled why this line would work at all:
>> TypeSystemDescriptionFactory.createTypeSystemDescription("desc/types/DJTypes");
>> The line above should only work if "desc/types/DJTypes.xml" can be found
>> in the
>> classpath.
>> With Apache uimaFIT 2.1.0, "META-INF/org.apache.uima.fit/types.txt" is the
>> right
>> place to configure auto detection [1].
>>>>> classpath*:desc/types/*.xml
>> That sounds ok too. I would generally recommend to avoid wildcards here
>> though.
>> Finally, you could try increasing the log level of whatever logging
>> framework you are
>> using (by default that would be Java Utility Logging) to see debug output
>> of the type detection.
>> For JUL, this post [1] on StackOverflow might help (mind for JUL you need
>> to set the
>> level to FINEST). I use log4j most of the time and there is a post here
>> [2] indicating
>> how to set the log level.
>> Cheers,
>> -- Richard
>> [1] http://stackoverflow.com/a/25677104/2511197
>> [2]
>> https://groups.google.com/d/msg/dkpro-core-user/YKQnvNJHaLk/e0EZRm7COmIJ

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