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From Ronny Hapke <ronny.ha...@empolis.com>
Subject Problem with WORDLISTs and WORDTABLEs where an entry starts with a shared substring of another entry
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2015 11:06:02 GMT
I've stumbled upon a problem with UIMA Ruta Workbench 2.3.1 in Eclipse 
Luna 4.4.2. Whenever working with a WORDLIST or WORDTABLE where one entry 
starts with a common substring of another one, it will not be recognized 
and therefore not annotated.

Consider this minimal example:

WORDLIST "Keywords.txt"in resources directory with the following entries:
Bill Clinton

Input file in input directory with the following contents:
Billy wished he was president, just like Bill Clinton once was.

Main.ruta script in scripts directory:
WORDLIST list = 'Keywords.txt';
DECLARE president;
Document {->MARKFAST(president, list)};

Upon execution, only Bill Clinton will be annotated while Billy will be 

Any help/hints/comments appreciated!

Best regards, 

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