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From "Zesch, Torsten" <torsten.ze...@uni-due.de>
Subject Error when trying to drop CAS with FlowController
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2015 20:22:24 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to implement a FlowController that drops CASes matching certain
critera. The FlowController is defined on an inner AAE which sets
casproduced to true. The inner AAE resides in an outer AAE which contains
additional processing before and after the inner AAE.

Reader -> Outer AAE { ProcŠ Inner AAE { FlowController } ProcŠ Consumer}
The aggregate receives various input CASes and is supposed to drop some
but not others. When I try to drop a CAS in my FlowController now, I get
the error 

Caused by: org.apache.uima.analysis_engine.AnalysisEngineProcessException:
The FlowController attempted to drop a CAS that was passed as input to the
Aggregate AnalysisEngine containing that FlowController.  The only CASes
that may be dropped are those that are created within the same Aggregate
AnalysisEngine as the FlowController.

How can I drop CASes using a FlowController such that they do not proceed
in the outer aggregate?


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