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From Peter Kl├╝gl <peter.klu...@averbis.com>
Subject Re: Problem with WORDLISTs and WORDTABLEs where an entry starts with a shared substring of another entry
Date Tue, 29 Sep 2015 08:52:11 GMT
> Hi Peter,
> thank you very much, this was indeed the same problem as mine. 
> However, after reading the comments of UIMA-4453, the only proposed 
> solution apart from removing the whitespaces from the word list was to 
> edit the BasicEngine.xml file manually. Is there no better solution to 

The issue and its comment are old and outdated. I just mentioned it
because it describes the problem. The comment contains a workaround
until the issue is fixed. Well, it is fixed now and the configuration
parameter should work just fine.

No better solution:
Yes and no. The BasicEngine.xml is intended to store the default
configuration parameters for a Ruta project.

> this day? For example, why does this:
> ENGINE BasicEngine;
> Document{->CONFIGURE(BasicEngine, "dictRemoveWS" = true)};
> at the top of my Main.ruta file result in a NullPointerException? Why 
> can't I edit the BasicEngine.xml file programmatically? Am I doing it 
> wrong?

Configuring the BasicEngine in a Ruta script won't work for several
reasons. BasicEngine is just a template descriptor which is used to
generate the actual descriptors for the ruta files (if you use the
ruta-maven-plugin take care which one is used, e.g., the descriptor in
your local m2 folder). These descriptors are then used to create the
analysis engine which then executes the rules. So, you cannot configure
the executed analysis engine itself with rules since they are applied in
the process() method (this would be a reconfigure() within the process()

You can change the BasicEngine descriptor once and thus set the
configuration parameter of all generated descriptors.
If you use java code, you can also just set the parameter and
reconfigure the analysis engine.

There are some actions in Ruta for changing the values set by
configuration parameters, e.g., DYNAMICANCHORING for activating and
deactivating the dynamic achoring functionality. I will add another
action so that the effect of removeDictWS can be controlled from within
a script file using rules.

> Anyway, thanks again, it works now and that is the most important 
> aspect. I just think it would be nice if the solution was more elegant 
> and more transparent.

Yes. I think you are the third user that had this problem with the
whitespaces. There should be done something about it in general.



> Best Regards,
> Ronny

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