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From Richard Eckart de Castilho <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Wrong CAS being passed on in AAE
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2015 21:11:36 GMT

On 26.08.2015, at 22:58, Martin Wunderlich <martin_wu@gmx.net> wrote:

> Kinda like this. It’s bit more involved, because I was trying to spare you the details.

> Second AAE: (AE AE AE AE AE)
> This does not work: AAE*[ CR AAE (FC AE AE AE AE AE AE) AAE (AE AE AE AE AE) ]
> This _does_ work: AAE*[ CR AAE (FC AE AE AE AE AE AE AE AE AE AE AE) ]
> FC = FlowControlloer
> RR = CollectionReader

The CR is always outside the AAE - it is handled separately.

> This does not work:CR AAE*[AAE (FC AE AE AE AE AE AE) AAE (AE AE AE AE AE) ]
> This _does_ work: CR AAE*[AAE (FC AE AE AE AE AE AE AE AE AE AE AE) ]

Basically SimplePipeline.runPipeline does (with a few details left out):

aae = createEngine(aed, aed, aed...)
for (cas : createReader(crd) {

I may have an idea why the first case does not work. Does the AAE
define the flag "outputsNewCases" (org.apache.uima.resource.metadata.OperationalProperties)?

   * Sets whether this AnalysisEngine may output new CASes. If this property is set to true,
   * application can use the {@link AnalysisEngine#processAndOutputNewCASes(CAS)} to pass
a CAS to
   * this this AnalysisEngine and then step through all of the output CASes that it produces.
   * example, such an AnalysisEngine could segment a CAS into smaller pieces, emitting each
as a
   * separate CAS.
   * @param aOutputsNewCASes
   *          true if this component may output new CASes, false if it does not
  public void setOutputsNewCASes(boolean aOutputsNewCASes);

uimaFIT doesn't do that, you'd have to do that manually just as you also tweak the flow.

Maybe there could be some way to infer this setting by detecting that a CAS multipler
is inside an AAE... but then again, probably UIMA core should infer that, not uimaFIT.


-- Richard
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