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From Petr Baudis <pa...@ucw.cz>
Subject [ANN] Multi-threaded UIMA ASB
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2015 00:20:57 GMT

  I have created an extension of UIMA that replaces its default ASB
with a multi-threaded one, so that if you have a CAS multiplier in your
pipeline, multiple generated CASes may be processed in parallel in
different threads.  It has a few warts, but should be generally much
simpler to use than UIMA-AS if you do not need fancy things like cluster

  It even has some documentation now.  Find it at:


  (Right now, it just lives as part of my YodaQA software, simply copy
that directory to your project.  I can spin-off the package properly
if there'll be enough interest in it.  It shares the YodaQA licence
statement, i.e. ASL2.)

On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 03:27:20AM +0200, Petr Baudis wrote:
>   I'm looking into ways to run a part of my pipeline multi-threaded:
>   (i) I'm using UIMAfit heavily, and multiple CAS multipliers and
> mergers (even within the parallel branches).  So I can't use CPE.
>   (ii) I need multi-threading, not separate processes.  (I have just
> a meager 24G RAM (sigh) and one Java process with all the linguistic
> models and stuff loaded takes 3GB RAM.  So I really need to load these
> resources to memory only once.)
>   However, (before actually trying) it still seems to me to be much
> easier to rewrite a piece of the stock ASB than use UIMA-AS with complex
> pipeline construed by UIMAfit...  So I think I will try that first (and
> report back).

  Whew, this was not so easy!  It took a good few days (and a few
start-overs) to do and debug, and I learnt more about UIMAj internals
than I ever cared to. ;-)  But I think I'm still happier with the result
than if I used UIMA-AS and it doesn't seem to deadlock or crash anymore
even on (IMHO) a fairly massive pipeline.

  (What I'm bothered by the most at this point is the fixed-size CAS
pool, though there are a few more issues; I tried to document them all
as well.)

  P.S.: Would there be any interest in merging this to UIMA proper,
or at least cleaning up some UIMA API bits to simplify and future-proof
the external package?  I admit up-front that I probably won't have time
to do all that work myself, but I'd be happy to cooperate with someone.

				Petr Baudis
	If you have good ideas, good data and fast computers,
	you can do almost anything. -- Geoffrey Hinton

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