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From Mansour Al Akeel <mansour.alak...@gmail.com>
Subject uimafit initialization
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2014 16:25:52 GMT
I am trying to follow the documentation to understand how to use
uimafit to initialize ctakes component.

>From the docs: http://uima.apache.org/d/uimafit-2.1.0/tools.uimafit.book.html#d5e65

AnalysisEngine tokenizer = createEngine(MyTokenizer.class);

AnalysisEngine tagger = createEngine(MyTagger.class);

runPipeline(jCas, tokenizer, tagger);

for(Token token : iterate(jCas, Token.class)){

What classes has the methods "createEngine" and "runPipeline"  in this context ?

I am trying to integrate Named Entity Recognition using UMLS and use
it in java code.

Any pointer is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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