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From "reshu.agarwal" <reshu.agar...@orkash.com>
Subject Re: DUCC 1.1.0- How to Run two DUCC version on same machines with different user
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2014 04:40:10 GMT
Dear Jim,

When I was trying DUCC 1.1.0 on the nodes on which DUCC 1.0.0 was 
running perfectly, I first stopped DUCC 1.0.0 using ./check_ducc -k . My 
Broker ports were different that time as well as I made changes in 
duccling path. When I started DUCC 1.1.0. It looks like working fine. 
But Then I faced agent instability problem so I re- configured DUCC 1.0.0.

Then I tried to configure DUCC 1.0.0 and DUCC 1.1.0. My Broker ports 
were different and I made all possible changes in ports so, that it 
wouldn't conflict with other ducc's ports. Right Now, I am still working 
to configure both on same nodes.

I will try what you suggested to me. I will let you know if I succeed.

If I missed something please reply me.



On 11/18/2014 04:06 AM, Jim Challenger wrote:
> An excellent question by Lou.
> Been wracking my brains over what would cause the agent instability 
> and this would absolutely do it.
> What will likely happen if you try to run 2 DUCCs on the same machines 
> if you don't change the broker
> port, is the second DUCC will see the broker alive and figure all is 
> well.  There are a number of
> use-cases where this is acceptable so we don't throw an alert, e.g. if 
> you choose to use a non-DUCC
> managed broker (as we do here).
> To add to the confusion, sometimes the 'activemq stop' that DUCC 
> issues doesn't work, for reasons out
> of DUCC control, so when you think the broker is down, it isn't.
> Try this:
> 1.  stop all the DUCCS, then use the ps command to make sure there is 
> no errant broker. I use this:
>        ps auxw | grep DUCC_AMQ_PORT
>      and kill -9 any process that it shows.
> 2.  Now start JUST ONE DUCC, I suggest the 1.1.0, and see if life gets 
> better.  1.1.0 has some nice
>      things so you'll be better with that if we can make it work for you.
> Jim
> On 11/17/14, 8:03 AM, Lou DeGenaro wrote:
>> Are these problems related?  That is, are you having the node down 
>> problem
>> and the multiple DUCC's problem together on the same set of nodes?
>> Can you run the either configuration alone without issue?
>> Lou.
>> On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 7:41 AM, reshu.agarwal 
>> <reshu.agarwal@orkash.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Lou,
>>> I have changed the broker port and ws port too but still faced a 
>>> problem
>>> in starting the ducc1.1.0 version simultaneously.
>>> Reshu.
>>> On 11/17/2014 05:34 PM, Lou DeGenaro wrote:
>>>> The broker port is specifiable in ducc.properties.  The default is
>>>> ducc.broker.port = 61617.
>>>> Lou.
>>>> On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 5:29 AM, Simon Hafner <reactormonk@gmail.com>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>   2014-11-17 0:00 GMT-06:00 reshu.agarwal <reshu.agarwal@orkash.com>:
>>>>>> I want to run two DUCC version i.e. 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 on same machines
>>>>>> with
>>>>>> different user. Can this be possible?
>>>>> Yes, that should be possible. You'll have to make sure there are no
>>>>> port conflicts, I'd guess the ActiveMQ port is hardcoded, the rest
>>>>> might be randomly assigned. Just set that port manually and watch out
>>>>> for any errors during the start to see which other components have
>>>>> hardcoded port numbers.
>>>>> Personally, I'd just fire up a VM with qemu or VirtualBox.

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