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From jeffery yuan <yuanyu...@gmail.com>
Subject Could UIMA AS client send custom key value parameters to annotator?
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2014 03:13:09 GMT
Hi, Dear UIMA Developer and Users:

Thanks advance for any help.

I am using UIMA AS and the RegExAnnotator.
I am wondering whether the client can send some custom key value parameters to 
the annotator.

The real function I want to implement is:
As there are multiple(10+) regex defined in the regex.pear, client may be only 
interested in several entity types, so we want RegExAnnotator only run regex 
for types that client specifies.

If I use synchronous UIMA API, I can set ResultSpecification in client.
AnalysisEngine ae;
ResultSpecification rs = createResultSpecification(types);
ae.process(cas, rsf);

RegExAnnotator then check 
getResultSpecification().getResultTypesAndFeatures(), then only run needed 

But as I use UIMA AS(ae.sendCAS(cas);), there is no API to set 
ResultSpecification or specify custom key value parameters.


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