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From Jeffery <yuanyun.ke...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Is there a way to tell UIMA component to only extract some kind of entities when run opennlp.pear?
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2014 21:20:29 GMT
Marshall Schor <msa@...> writes:

> UIMA's descriptors include a section under the XML capabilities element 
> the descriptor may specify inputs and outputs.  These end up informing the
> ResultSpecification which is provided to the annotator.  The 
> can be queried by the annotator code to see what the annotator ought to 
> This is used, for example by sample annotators in the examples project:
>    TutorialDateTime
>    RegExAnnotator
>    PersonTitleAnnotator
> to control what the annotators produce.
> This behavior, on the part of annotators, is "optional" - that is, an 
> might be written to ignore the ResultSpecification. 
> So the key may be to update the annotators to take account of the
> ResultSpecification.
> For more background, see
> http://uima.apache.org/d/uimaj-
> which discusses the ResultSpecification further.
> -Marshall

Thanks, Marshall

   I tried your suggestions, and it works very well.
   Recently, I am looking into UIMA-AS, I am wonderring whether we can do 
same thing in uima-as. But seems UIMA-AS doesn't use ResultSpecificatio: the 
sendCas method doesn't accept ResultSpecificatio.

  String casId = asAE.sendCAS(cas);

Thanks again for your great help, Marshall.
-- Seems my last thank-you post somehow was gone. 

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