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From Jens Grivolla <j+...@grivolla.net>
Subject Re: next UIMA workshop?
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2014 17:54:36 GMT
As I understand it, poster presentations are only used as a way to 
offload submissions that didn't make it as a "full paper". I don't think 
that such a distinction is useful for this workshop and would prefer to 
have oral presentations for all interesting contributions.

If we expected to have significantly more contributions that can fit 
into the schedule then concentrating some of them into a poster session 
might make sense, but I don't think this is the case.

If on the other hand posters were used to get additional visibility 
outside of the workshop then this could be interesting...

-- Jens

On 14/01/14 18:36, Michael Tanenblatt wrote:
> I’ll certainly be on the Program Committee, and am willing to help in any ways that
I am able. Regarding the proposal, overall it looks pretty reasonable, but what is the reason
for limiting to oral presentations and omitting posters?
> ..m
> On Jan 14, 2014, at 12:11 PM, Jens Grivolla <j+asf@grivolla.net> wrote:
>> Hello, there's only 5 days remaining to submit the workshop proposal. Please anybody
interested get in touch.
>> I sent a mail to the GATE user list to get some input from them.  The proposal draft
is here: https://github.com/jgrivolla/coling2014-nlp-framework-workshop/blob/master/proposal.md
>> -- Jens
>> On 19/12/13 13:29, Jens Grivolla wrote:
>>> On 19/12/13 13:08, Peter Klügl wrote:
>>>> Am 19.12.2013 12:31, schrieb Jens Grivolla:
>>>>> Ok, it's time to seriously get started on this.
>>>>> I guess we can start with the GSCL workshop description, and maybe
>>>>> make it more inclusive for other frameworks (GATE, etc.)
>>>>> We need a couple of organizers (me, Renaud, ...?) and a potential PC
>>>>> (again, start with the one from GSCL) preferably with a few already
>>>>> confirmed PC members (Richard, ...)
>>>> If the workshop is more inclusive for other frameworks, maybe it's
>>>> reasonable to ask one of the GATE people whether they want to
>>>> co-organize the workshop.
>>> Yes, we definitely would need to reach out to them.  First we need to
>>> decide: do we want a more focused workshop (just UIMA), or are the
>>> problems faced by GATE users (and others) sufficiently similar that we
>>> can learn from each other?
>>> If we want to get the GATE people in there: does anybody have contacts
>>> in that community?
>>>> I won't be able to help with the organization, but maybe as a part of
>>>> the PC.
>>> I take that as having you as a confirmed PC member ;-)
>>>> I can also not promise that I will submit something, but I will motivate
>>>> our working group.
>>> Ok, that's great.
>>> I started the draft proposal here:
>>> https://github.com/jgrivolla/coling2014-nlp-framework-workshop
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jens

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