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From "RYAN C. CORNIA" <ryan.cor...@utah.edu>
Subject Re: UIMA AS 2.4.2 -> Listener.onBeforeMessageSend(UimaASProcessStatus status)
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2014 21:41:20 GMT
Thanks Jerry.

Yes, I was expecting the status to have a blank CAS or some other
difference, which it currently does not.

Any idea on when 2.5.0 will be out?

On 1/23/14, 2:37 PM, "Jaroslaw Cwiklik" <uimaee@gmail.com> wrote:

>The UIMA-AS client code calls onBeforeMessageSend() for both Process and
>CPC requests. Its just a confirmation the request was delivered to a
>From what I see while trying to replicate the scenario is that on CPC the
>status object (passed in to onBeforeMessageSend() )contains a reference to
>the last CAS which is clearly a bug. I will create JIRA for this and fix
>in 2.5.0.
>Thanks for bringing this up.
>On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 3:58 PM, RYAN C. CORNIA
>> We┬╣ve been using UIMA AS 2.4.0, with a listener that counts CASes as
>> are sent via the Listener.onBeforeMessageSend(UimaASProcessStatus
>> method.
>> We then compare the count with the received count in
>> collectionProcessComplete(EntityProcessStatus aStatus) to make sure the
>> listener has received all of the CASes it sent before exiting.
>> if the listener is slow, a collectionProcessComplete message can be
>> received before the final entityProcessComplete() method is called for
>> last CASes.
>> This worked in 2.4.0, but in 2.4.2, I am finding the
>> onBeforeMessageSend(status) method is called once for ever CAS (as it
>> should be),but then one additional time on the last CAS. So, my count is
>> off because I send 12 CAS, but the counter registers 13 when the
>> onBeforeMessageSend(status) is called twice on the last document.
>> Any ideas why it would be called twice on the last document for a
>> listener? It is a change in 2.4.2 that was not there in 2.4.0.
>> Thanks,
>> Ryan

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