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From swirl <swirl...@yahoo.com>
Subject Uima and Proguard obfuscation
Date Sun, 28 Jul 2013 10:27:31 GMT

I was trying to create a obfuscated API library based on Uima/Uimafit.

My project was in Maven so I used the Proguard plugin: 

When tried to use the obfuscated jar in a separate application, an Uima 
parameter "PARAM_OUTDIR" was strangely nullified. 

For an un-obfuscated jar, looking through a decompiler:

When I looked at the jar through a decompiler, this is what I see:
Notice the line "private String outputDirectory;" is totally removed in the 
obfuscated jar.

Is Proguard compatible with Uima/Uimafit? 
Is my plugin config incorrect?

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