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From "Mateusz Parzonka" <parzo...@gmail.com>
Subject Comparing each document from collection 1 with each document from collection 2
Date Fri, 10 May 2013 12:59:36 GMT

what is the best practice to process CASes resulting from multiple and 
different AAEs? Assume I have an AAE1 processing document collection 1 
and an AAE2 processing document collection 2. Now I would like to 
compare each tuple of the resulting CASes of AAE1 and AAE2 using a third 
AAE. Simply speaking, the intention is to "compare" each document in 
collection 1 with each document in collection 2 using different 
preprocessing pipelines.

Is there some abstraction in UIMA to perform this? I saw an solution 
performing an n-cross-m comparison using two views where each view was 
associated to a different document. This works but seems a bit 
inflexible, assuming you need to configure different processing 
pipelines for each collection type.


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