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From Arun Tewatia <arun.tewa...@orkash.com>
Subject Re: remoteAnalysisEngine services not scaling to effect
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2011 11:51:59 GMT
Thanks for replying ....

I am trying to break my big pipeline of AE's having over 15 AE's for Cluster

I was initially testing with 2 of the beginning AE's of my pipeline. 
And when i checked the QueueSize using jconsole, I found that it was zero, next
I checked the same with my whole pipeline aggregate which turned out to be
12-15. In this case increasing the instances did reduce the processing time.....

Also i increased CasPool size in aggregate from 5 to 15 which showed
improvement.....Thanks to Burn

But still the other issue that i mentioned is remaining

When i use single instance of CasConsumer, output to the database is correct but
when i use 2 instances of CasConsumer the output is incorrect.

My CasConsumer 'c' takes input from both AE's 'a' & 'b'.....
The aggregate has the flow defined as 'a' -> 'b' -> 'c'
Yet the output produced in database is less for 'a' than for 'b'
Also both are less than what should come actually, which comes in case when only
1 CasConsumer is running i.e. equal for 'a' and 'b' ......

What else am i missing........?

Arun Tewatia

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