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From Chris Roeder <chris.roe...@ucdenver.edu>
Subject Re: merging CAS objects
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2011 14:11:26 GMT

The org.apache.uima.cas.impl.XmiCasDeserializer
takes an existing CAS that may contain annotations
already. I've used this when pulling annotations
in from serialized CASes in various combinations.


On 9/16/11 3:48 AM, Jörn Kottmann wrote:
> Hello,
> depending on your application it might be just as fast if you just have
> one CAS and then put it
> through your three analysis pipelines, one after another. When you do it
> this way your throughput can be just
> as high, only the latency goes up.
> When you have multiple machines or a cluster you might want to use
> UIMA-AS. As far as I know
> you can use a parallel step in the flow, which also does the merging for
> you.
> Jörn
> On 9/16/11 10:43 AM, Alexander Klenner wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a question concerning the merging of different UIMA pipelines. Say I have
3 different annotators that work on the same document (The CAS sofa data is identical for
each of the pipelines) They do this parallel and all of them produce different annotations
but in a sofa with the same name(_textView). Finally I have 3 serialized XCAS files in three
different folders, coming from different nodes of a cluster.
>> Is there an UIMA conform way to merge the corresponding xml files into one CAS object
that has all the annotations of the three separate files? I could easily do this with a non
uima java class that just adds all the annotation information into one file. Since the sofa
data is the same, the offset information of the annotations will be correct, but I'd rather
stay in the UIMA context.
>> Cheers,
>> Alex
>> --
>> Dipl. Bioinformatiker Alexander G. Klenner
>> Fraunhofer-Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (SCAI)
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>> Tel.: +49 - 2241 - 14 - 2736
>> E-mail: alexander.garvin.klenner@scai.fraunhofer.de
>> Internet: http://www.scai.fraunhofer.de

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