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From James Jichun Zhu <jic...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: XmiCasDeserializer problem with multi-views
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2011 15:56:53 GMT
Thanks, Burn. That's a great suggestion. I think it would work. I will 
give it a try. Thanks again.


On 7/26/11 7:58 AM, Burn Lewis wrote:
> James,
> Deserialization can only be done into an empty CAS, and from within an 
> annotator that means one passed by the framework in the getNext method 
> of a Collection Reader or acquired by the GetEmptyCAS() method in a 
> CAS Multiplier.
> If for each text file you have two XMI files each containing the text 
> as their Sofas, I'd think the simplest solution would be to implement 
> A) by modifying the XmiCollectionReader in the examples folder to 
> alternatively read the XMI files from the two types of annotators and 
> make your comparison annotator act like a CAS Consumer and save the 
> results from the odd-numbered CASes to compare with the even-numbered 
> ones.
> ~Burn

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