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From James Jichun Zhu <jic...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: XmiCasDeserializer problem with multi-views
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2011 15:32:55 GMT
Thanks, Burn. What I found was that the XMI files previous generated 
bears the sofa ID "_InitialView", and when I manually change it to a 
specific view name, I am able to extract the objects from the XMI file 
into the CAS underlying that specific view. So, you are probably right 
about "it re-creates a complete CAS matching the one that had been 

In reality, because I need to load objects from two XMI files into two 
separate collections, I cannot always manually update the XMI's sofa ID 
to two separate view names in order for them to be loaded into two 
separate CASes. So you are right again about loading them into the same 
CAS in two separate steps.

However, I ran into trouble on how to clear the CAS after deserializing 
the first XMI file. I tried the reset() method but it seems to be 
intended for application (not 100% sure what it means), not for being 
used internally within an analysis engine component. Any other ways to 
get it done?

Really appreciate all the help here.


On 7/22/11 2:19 PM, Burn Lewis wrote:
> XmiCasDeserialize operates on a CAS, not a View.  It re-creates a 
> complete CAS matching the one that had been serialized.  If you want 
> to compare the contents of two CASes (two XMI files) you'll have to 
> deserialize them one-by-one.  You could extract the information of 
> interest from the 1st before deserializing the 2nd file into the same 
> CAS.
> Burn.

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