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From "Greg Holmberg" <holmberg2...@comcast.net>
Subject PEAR packaging and maven
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2011 12:47:23 GMT

Hi UIMA users--

I'm converting all my annotators to PEAR packaging.  I like having  
everything in one file, especially when there are many additional files  
that are part of the annotator--resources, config, data, etc.  It just  
makes it a lot easier to consume the annotator.

So I'm using the PEAR packaging maven plug-in.  This works fine, but I was  
surprised when the PEAR file didn't get installed (i.e. it didn't show up  
under ~/.m2/repository).  It seems like a reasonable expectation--you  
build a jar artifact, it gets installed/deployed; you build a PEAR  
artifact, it should get installed/deployed.

It appears I can make it happen with an explicit deploy command.

mvn deploy:deploy-file -Durl=<my-repo> -Dfile=myannotator.PEAR  
-DgroupId=com.me.group -DartifactId=myannotator -Dversion=1.0  

But I'm not sure how I can make this happen automatically as part of the  
mvn build.  Can I specify <type>pear<type> in the pom?  That would require  
someone to register a lifecycle for the pear type, which no one has done,  


A related question.  Are there plans to deliver the annotators in UIMA  
(both core and contributed in the SandBox) as PEAR files in the Apache  
nexus repository?  I.e., so that an analysis engine developer could simply  
state a dependency on a set of PEAR artifacts, and get them automatically  
pulled down to his local drive (.m2/repository)?


Then the question would be how to reference the .pear files from the AAE  
descriptor.  By name, I suppose, and then manage the datapath variable to  
include the paths into .m2/repository with the correct artifact version  


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