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From Arun Tewatia <arun.tewa...@orkash.com>
Subject Re: UIMA-AS consuming all the RAM
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2011 12:30:57 GMT
Hi all,

I am running ActveMQ 4.1.1 and broker is given memory 2Gb.
As suggested by 'Jaroslaw Cwiklik' i am trying to use ActiveMQ 5.4.1

I tried to start Broker from ActiveMQ home directory using command.
$ACTIVEMQ_HOME/bin/activemq console.

and i get following error...
ERROR BrokerService  - Failed to start ActiveMQ JMS Message Broker.

Reason: java.io.EOFException: Chunk stream does not exist at page: 0
java.io.EOFException: Chunk stream does not exist at page: 0
at org.apache.kahadb.page.Transaction$2.readPage(Transaction.java:454)
at org.apache.kahadb.page.Transaction$2.<init>(Transaction.java:431)
at org.apache.kahadb.page.Transaction.openInputStream(Transaction.java:428)

When i try to run it in background using command

it gives output as...
INFO: Loading '/root/.activemqrc'
INFO: Using java '/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java'
INFO: Starting - inspect logfiles specified in logging.properties and
log4j.properties to get details
INFO: pidfile created :
'/opt/apache-uima/apache-activemq-5.4.1//data/activemq.pid' (pid '5370')

But when i check running process-id , it shows not running. This process just
starts and terminates.

I replaced original ActiveMQ 4.1.1 in $UIMA_HOME directory with 
newly downloaded package ActiveMQ 5.4.1.
Then i set the ACTIVEMQ_HOME, CLASSPATH variables. 
The file activemq-spring-5.4.1.jar is also present in my class path. 
What can be possible reason for this? Am I missing something ?

Thanks !
Arun Tewatia

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