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From Greg Holmberg <holmberg2...@comcast.net>
Subject How to create and use a repository for UIMA annotators?
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2011 01:00:28 GMT
Hi UIMA users-- 

Recently (issue UIMA-1969) it was discovered that data resource URLs could be HTTP:

I was wondering if the same would work for component descriptor files, especially the import
statements in aggregate analysis engine descriptors.  For example, would this work?

  <delegateAnalysisEngine key="MyAE">
    <import location="http://host/com/foo/myproj/desc/MyAE.xml" />

Or, how about this?

  <delegateAnalysisEngine key="MyAE">
    <import name="myproj.desc.MyAE" />

and set datapath to "http://host/com/foo"

The documentation (references.pdf, section 2.2 Imports) only describes FILE:, but if it's
implemented using the Java URL class, then HTTP: should work also, right?

Of course, if it can now find MyAE.xml, that doesn't mean it can find MyAE.jar.

So, how can I make UIMA find everything related to MyAE from an HTTP server?  Use PEAR files?
 RMI codebase?


My goal would be to have a place (an HTTP server) where annotator developers deploy annotators,
and then analysis engine developers can just reference them from there, without having to
manually install them to local disk.  And, since the URL is the same from everywhere, the
aggregate analysis engine description could be executed on any machine in the network without
modification.  I.e., the descriptor is portable.

It's sort of a "maven-like" model (i.e. when using a Nexus server).  Or maybe I should just
actually use maven and nexus?

Has anyone out there tried to create a "UIMA Repository" that can be directly referenced from
a component descriptor file?  How did you make it work?


Greg Holmberg

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