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From Chris Roeder <chris.roe...@ucdenver.edu>
Subject Re: UIMA-AS best practices?
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2010 16:21:14 GMT
On 12/1/10 7:43 AM, Jens Grivolla wrote:
> Hi,
> we're getting started with UIMA-AS, having the AS components deployed on
> currently only one server, and a web interface using SimpleUimaAsService
> in order to call the service from different clients (using Python,
> directly from Solr, etc.).
> So far it is working, but we need to improve our deployment method.
> Currently we start the broker by hand, and then have shell scripts for
> each component to configure the class path and run it.
> What are the current best practices in order to have the broker reliably
> up and running, register a list of components automatically and monitor
> that they are all functioning?

I can't say our practices are best, but I've seen some success starting
and monitoring a number of UIMA processes with Sun (now Oracle) Grid Engine 
(SGE). Most of our UIMA code wraps NLP work from others intended to run
stand-alone, so detecting and collecting errors and is a mixed-bag that
we're still working on.

In the past, I've used scripts that check a process's status and restart if it's 
died. I've also seen code installed as a daemon on linux when possible
or appropriate.  Here's a page that discusses various options:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2545993/restoring-restarting-a-java-daemon-from-crash


> Also, if it were possible to point to PEAR descriptors for AS components
> it would ease deployment considerably because we would not have to deal
> with manually setting the class path for each component. UIMA-1482 says
> "defer to after 2.3.0 release" which is quite a while ago, and still
> unassigned. Unfortunately, fixing this probably goes quite a bit beyond
> my knowledge of UIMA.
> Thanks,
> Jens

Christophe (Chris) Roeder
Software Developer, Professional Research Assistant
Center for Computational Pharmacology, University of Colorado Denver
12801 E 17th Ave, MS 8303,  Aurora, CO 80045 USA
chris.roeder@ucdenver.edu / tel: (303) 724-7574

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