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From Klaus Rothenhäusler <rothe...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Restrictions on sofa data array
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2010 14:07:40 GMT
Eddie Epstein <eaepstein@...> writes:

> It did occur to me after that the string array may not be supported, but
> this could be considered a lack of imagination in the original implementation
> rather than any fundamental design limitation :)
> The changes to allow use of a string array for Sofa data would not be much.
> Additional work probably needed for delta-CAS serialization used with remote
> UIMA AS service replies.

Allowing arrays of any FeatureStructures would probably entail major changes,
wouldn't it? But maybe there's a chance at least to get support for string
arrays then. Is there a special place to post feature requests or is it enough
to raise an issue here?

My understanding of the inner design of UIMA is too limited I'm afraid to offer
any support here.


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