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From Fabien POULARD <grdscar...@gmail.com>
Subject Running AE from the CAS Editor view
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2010 10:56:43 GMT
Hi folks,

I've been trying to run the WhitespaceTokenizer AE (for example) on
the CAS documents of a Corpus folder within the CAS Editor for some
time now, with no success. I run into a class not found exception each
time, indicating that the WhitespaceTokenizer class cannot be found.

I don't know I'm overlooking on something here or if I'm just dumb...

I'm using Apache UIMA 2.3, the CAS Editor plugin from the repository
and Eclipse 3.3.2

Here is what I've tried :

1- The simple way : create the CAS Editor project, import type system,
create a corpus directory, import text files, create processing
directory and import the WhitespaceTokenizer (let's says WT from now)
descriptor in it. Finally click on a document in the corpus directory
: Annotator > WT.xml => it fails

2- The improved way : do the same as the simple way, then open the
properties > UIMA CDE Property page and specify the absolute path to
the WT jar. => it fails the same way

3- The hacky way : create a Java project and specify the Build path so
that the WT is loaded, edit the .project file, add the NLPProject
nature, open the CAS Editor perspective and redo the simple way => it
still fails

Well, I'm out of ideas... does anybody have a solution to my problem ?
Has anybody already been able to launch an AE on a corpus from the CAS
Editor ?

I'd be grateful to any hint !

Fabien Poulard

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