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From "Olivier Terrier" <olivier.terr...@temis.com>
Subject CASTransportable without OutOfTypeSystemData in VinciAnalysisEngineServiceStub
Date Tue, 23 Feb 2010 15:14:14 GMT
Hi everybody

A question for the Vinci gurus:
is there any reason for the method doProcess of the
org.apache.uima.adapter.vinci.VinciAnalysisEngineServiceStub to
construct a CASTransportable with a null OutOfTypeSystemData??

   * The actual process call.
  private void doProcess(CAS aCAS) throws ResourceServiceException {
    try {
      aCAS = ((CASImpl) aCAS).getBaseCAS();

      // create CASTransportable ... always send the base CAS
      final CASTransportable query = new CASTransportable(aCAS, null,
mOwner.getUimaContext(), true);


This is causing a  XCASParsingException:" Error parsing XCAS from source
<unknown> at line <unknown>, column <unknown>: unknown type: XXX" when I
use a Vinci analysis engine that add "out of typesystem" objects in my

Everywhere else in the code it seems that CASTransportable is always
provided with a OutOfTypeSystemData to prevent that kind of exception.

Do you consider it as a bug? Should I post an issue in jira (and a

Thanks a lot

Olivier Terrier

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