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From Fabio Mancinelli <fabio.mancine...@gmail.com>
Subject Creating an aggregate analysis engine on the fly
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 08:47:05 GMT
Hi everybody,

I've looked around but I didn't find anything about this, so I am
asking to more expert people.
The use case is the following:

Imagine you have a set of analysis engines.
By looking at their descriptors you want to synthesize at runtime an
aggregate analysis engine with a custom control flow that takes a
subset of those analysis engines and that is put into a CPE for

Now my problem is that since I don't know the analysis engines
beforehand (I discover them at runtime) and the set could also change
during the time, I cannot write an XML descriptor that specify the
aggregate analysis engine.

One solution to this problem is to have a "template XML" somewhere,
fill it with the references to the analysis engines that will be
chosen for composing the aggregate, write it somewhere and tell the
CPE to use that descriptor for its cas processor . But this solution
look quite clumsy and complicated.

Is there another way to "manufacture" programmatically an aggregate
analysis engine at runtime in order to realize this use case?


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