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From Jay Jarman <jay.jar...@va.gov>
Subject UIMA/Eclipse setup issues
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 20:33:22 GMT
I'm running Eclipse 3.4.2 and UIMA 2.2.2.  I have gone through the UIMA
documentation of configuring Eclipse to use UIMA, setting UIMA_HOME and such. 
I'm going through the tutorial on creating an annotator and am getting numerous
errors.  I haven't written any code yet.  Everything has been importing objects
from the tutorial.  All of the errors seem to be that Eclipse can't see the UIMA
classes.  For instance, my first error is the first import statement:

   import org.apache.uima.jcas.JCas;

The error is that statement can't be resolved.  All of the errors are similar. 
It can't find the Annotator class and so on.  

I've gone back over the directions twice so I'm fairly confident it isn't that I
missed a step.  The diagrams in the book are a little different because they
used an older version of Eclipse to create the tutorial.  I'm an experienced
Java programmer but not using Eclipse.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  TIA.

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