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From Jörn Kottmann <kottm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: How to start the CAS Editor?
Date Fri, 26 Jun 2009 12:53:48 GMT
Kai Schlamp wrote:
> Jörn Kottmann wrote:
>> Kai Schlamp wrote:
>>>> Would love to hear about your project and what do you want to do 
>>>> with the Cas Editor.
>>> It's a biomedical text analysis platform. It is extensible by third 
>>> partys with their analyzers and document importers. We use an own 
>>> type system as everything is very graph centric.
>>> At the moment we only present those annotations that are included in 
>>> our type system. But it would be nice to have a feature to show all 
>>> annotations of all analysis engines that were used.
>>> But the problem with a simple integration of CAS Editor would be 
>>> that our application only exists of views (no editors at all ... an 
>>> no editors welcome ;-)). But we could perhaps integrate some of the 
>>> code. Not sure about that yet as we have other priorities. E.g. 
>>> releasing a first beta version in the upcoming weeks.
>> The difference between an editor and a view in eclipse is that an 
>> editor can have
>> multiple instances, a view can only have one instance. Usually if you 
>> have an application
>> which is working with some kind of document which can be opened you 
>> also want be
>> able to open multiple documents at once.
>> The Cas Editor assumes that you open the CAS in an editor. If you 
>> don't do that you cannot
>> reuse anything.
>> Though I do not understand why you don't want to use editors.
> Ah, that's an ongoing discussion of RCP developers. There are cases 
> where editors simply doesn't make sense.
> And when you look at some of the already available RCP apps
> (some larget projects are listed at 
> http://eclipse.org/community/rcp.php), there are many without editors.
> If you simply don't edit anything (e.g. a text document) ... why have 
> an editor then?
> In our app there is no load, edit, save cycle.
> So you see, it depends on the type of application. And this wasn't 
> anything against CAS Editor. It surely needs
> editors ... the name already points this out :-)
I am just curious because, I considered the case where you have an (cas) 
editor as the only one.

So I would also be interested to learn if there is a possibility to have 
the Cas Editor views in a away
that they could be used without an editor.

If I remember it correctly the tool you are working on is also Open 
Source right ? Then I can have a look at
it after your beta release.


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